Chicken soup scrap quilt blocks

Here are some samples of my chicken blocks. The first one is a lap sized quilt that does not yet have it eyes. All these chickens were made from scraps lying around the shop and, with all that, you might think that I am running low on usable scraps, but you would be wrong – tons more where those came from.The second picture is of a finished table runner set on point with setting triangles at the edges. The third picture is of one block.

Each block is made of 2″ pieces and done in a couple of stages. The first part of the block is the lower body of the chicken. It consists of one 2″ block of each the top color and the bottom color. This forms a 2″ X 3.5″ piece. To that is added a 2″ X 3.5″ piece of bottom color along one side of your first piece. Next you would add another 2″ X 3.5″ piece of bottom color at the bottom of the piece. Finally you add a 2″ X 5″ to one side making in effect a half-log cabin block.

Next, working with the upper body color, add a 2″ X 5″ strip to one side of the body being careful to have the upper colors touch. Next you need a 2″ half square block with upper color and beak color, and a 2″ X 5″ strip. Add to the other side of the block. Now add a 2″ X 6.5″ piece to one side at the top and finally a 2″ X 8″ piece of upper color to the other side.

For the combs you will need four 1.5″ half square blocks in red and neutral, a 1.5″ square in neutral, and two strips for 1.5″ X 6.75″ in neutral. Attach two combs and one long strip to one side. Attach the other two combs with the small square of fabric (at the top) and the second 6.75″ strip at the bottom.

Finally, to form the nest, use one strip for nest color (I used greens) 1.5″ X 8.75 on one bottom side, and 1.5″ X 9.75″ on the other.

The only thing left to do is attach two small buttons for eyes.

Remember to always use 1/4″ seams throughout the block, and have fun. I always make a practice block before I start a project. I don’t always get the results the pattern states, so before I cut 50 blocks, I make a practice to make sure that the pattern is accurate and that I am reading the instructions correctly.

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  1. Would love the pattern

  2. Your know, my site doesn’t do a good job when three months later I find a person asking about a pattern. Sorry. I do have the Chicken pattern available. Cost is $7.00 and that includes shipping. If you would still like it, communicate with me through regular e-mail, Thanks.

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