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Welcome Janice Jenney Studios. I currently have these quilts available for sale, with others on the design wall! If you are interested in any of these, please feel free to contact me at I will be more that happy to help you with your selection.


IMG_2059 IMG_2061 pink puppy quilt with minky backing IMG_2098


Here we have several mini-critters (just like the crib size but smaller). From left to right, the penguin measures 21″ X 26″ and has a penguin print flannel backing. The pink monkeys currently SOLD OUT. The monkey with the neon green border measures 22 1/2″ X  28″ and has a green “minky” backing.  The next monkey has the olive colored border measures 19 1/2″ X 28″ and has a green “minky” backing. All these mini’s are great for the car seat and stroller. The perfect comfort with the soft plush back that a bored, lonely, sad, fidgety child can rub on their cheek and get that cushy feeling. Each mini has 80/20 batting and can by yours for $29.00 + shipping


Table runners

seasonal pumpkin table runner seasonal table runner, st Patricks seasonal table runner fall leaves watermelon table runner in green, red, and white with watermelon border

Seasonal table runners with pumpkins, shamrocks are CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, autumn leaves or watermelon. This is such an easy to change out decor with the seasons.Each measuring 13.5″ X 49″, all made with 100% cotton top, backing, and filling. Each is available for sale at $39.00 plus shipping.

Assorted other table runners

chicken themed table runner winter snowmen table runner surfing Santa table runner Maple leaf table runner seasonal snow man table runner

All table runners are made with 100% cotton fabric on the front and back for washability and durability. The descriptions are from left to right. The chicken table runner measures 14″ X 38″ and features a chicken wire print on the border. The Santa “cathedral windows” table runner is measures 16″ X 38″ and features a snowflake background. The surfing Santa table runner measures 16 1/2″ X 43 1/2″ and has a whimsical Santa on a surfboard. The maple leaf table runner measures 15″ X 36″ and has a border that has a leaf print. The snowman table runner has the same print as the cathedral window runner, but is 16″ X 42″ in size. Priced at $35.00 + shipping.


Contemporary Queen

Queen contemporary quilt with black, teal, acid green and white with flannel backing

This queen sized quilt measuring 87″ X 101″, features a print that is contemporary circles with black, grey, green and teal. Set together with additional teal and black, bordered with the green and solid black sateen. Backing is a olive green flannel with the batting made of 80/20 for warmth and washability. Priced at $675.00 + shipping.

Hunter Star

queen sized white and batik teal with flannel backing

This stunning two color quilt features a white tone on tone and a teal batik that has tones of blue and purple as well. Measuring 86″ x 104 and quilted with a loop and star pattern, it is filled with 80/20 batting for lightness and warmth as well as washability. The backing is a coordinating green flannel for extra softness. Priced at $675.00 + shipping.

Log cabin star

Showing two views, the first one shows the star that is in the upper left hand corner, while the second shows the quilt on a queen size bed. This log cabin is a offset barn raising  setting featuring 100% cotton flannel top, 100% cotton batting, a hunter green flannel backing and is quilted with a loop and star pattern.. Measuring 84″ X 102″, this warm and cozy rustic quilt is Priced at $675.00 + shipping.

Rainbow log cabin

This nontraditional log cabin measures 86″ X 98″ (queen size), and has a coordinating 100% cotton backing. The top is 100% cotton as well with batting being an 80/20 mix. Light, washable, and warm, this colorful quilt can grace your bed, or that of a child or grandchild. Priced at $675.00 + shipping.

Christmas log cabin

Queen sized Christmas quilt  

This Christmas quilt measuring 82″ X 105″ is made of 100% cotton fabrics. The borders are a funky reindeer print pictured above.  The backing is a red/off white cotton flannel that  makes it warm and cozy. A very fun and festive way to decorate your bedroom for the holiday. Priced at $675.00 + shipping.

Christmas stars


Picture 663 (Custom)

Part of the Treasures of Christmas collection, this quilt measuring 62″ X 73″, is a star quilt done in Victorian Christmas colors with an offset border to make the stars twist and turn. Quilted with a holly pattern and flannel backing, it is the perfect size for a throw, twin bed coverlet, or topper for a double bed.  Priced at $225.00 + shipping.

Log cabin twin/full

Twin full, blue and white log cabin variation quilt

Shown on a queen bed and measuring 71″ X 90″ (shown on a queen bed) this 100% cotton top features a variation of the barn raising setting, loop and star quilting, navy blue flannel on the back and 80/20 batting for lightness and warmth. Priced at $250.00 + shipping.

Carpenter star twin/full

twin/full size carpenter star quilt in pink, yellow and teal

This large twin/small full quilt measures 72″ X 84″ (shown on a queen bed) with a medium loft poly batting and a light blue flannel backing. The quilting pattern is a loop and star. Priced at $250.00 + shipping.

Treasures from Grandma’s scrap bag

1920's reproduction twin/full quilt with blue border

Measuring 70″ X 83″, this 1930’s inspired twin/full quilt is backed with blue flannel, quilted with a very intricate pattern, filled with 80/20 batting for warmth and lightness. Priced at $250.00 + shipping.


Pinwheel/friendship star

blue, white, pinwheel/friendship star with flannel backing

This quilt with the visual motion of the pinwheels and whirly gigs,  measures 76″ X 76″ and could be used as a lap quilt, twin quilt or double coverlet. It has poly batting inside for an extra poofy feel, and a solid medium blue flannel backing. Priced at $250.00 + shipping.

Bears in the camp

Bear paw quilt in blues, rusts, green and brown with flannel backing

One of my favorites because so few quilts are truly masculine. This quilt features a canoe/fishing print with a blue background. The bear paws are in batiks and tone on tones in colors that are in the print material. Quilted with a bear and tree motif, this quilt has a blue flannel back and 100% cotton batting. It measures 64.5″ X 79″. It would work on a twin bed or could be a quilt for the back of sofa in the man cave. Priced at $175.00 + shipping.



Gone to the dogs


Part of the treasures from the animal kingdom, this 62″ X 99″ twin sized quilt features a center of dogs surrounded by pieced dog blocks. The border is a print with dog bones and paw prints and the backing is flannel. Priced at $175.00 + shipping.

Turtle Lap/Twin size

  custom quilt with turtle motif

Part of the treasures of the animal kingdom collection, this 100% cotton top features turtles in the center of each star and a batik turtle border. Measuring 60″ X 70″ it has a soft flannel back in a medium blue and is lofty due to the 100% polyester batting. This soft, warm quilt is priced to sell at $175.00 + shipping


Treasures from the scrap bag

Multi-colored lap sized scrap quilt

This lap sized quilt (could be a twin as well) features a multitude of colors inherent to scrap quilts. Backed with sage colored flannel, quilted with a loop and heart pattern, and filled with 80/20 batting for warmth. Priced at $175.00 + shipping.

Spinning Stars

Pink and white lap quilt with minky backing


This 53″ X 62″ quilt with 100% cotton top will make a wonderful lap quilt for the “girly” girl or just the pink lover. The backing is a pink and white minky and the batting is polydown for loft, lightness and warmth. Priced at $169.00 + shipping.


Hunter star

Light teal and oriental print lap sized oriental star quilt

This lap size quilt measuring 57″ X 78″ features an oriental print with light teal, brown, white and yellows, and a background fabric in light teal. The backing is flannel and batting is 80/20. Yours for $169.00 + shipping.


Heirloom Hand Quilted Grandma’s Flower Garden

hand quilted Grandma's flower garden baby quilt

Measuring 46″ X 62″, this all cotton flannel baby quilt is made with hexagon flowers and totally hand quilted with washable wool batting. The border features “rubber duckys”, and the back is solid blue flannel. The binding on this heirloom style quilt is a washable satin. Price at $149.00 + shipping.

Machine Quilted

Sailing Ships

Blue baby quilt featuring sailing ships

Measuring 44″ X 53″, this version of the ships features only larger ships with patchwork blocks and a border with lighthouse themed print, backed with light blue minky and filled with a light weight batting. The quilting features anchors. Yours for $99.00 + shipping.


Working for peanuts

elephant baby quilt

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Measuring 43″ X 54″, this elegant quilt features a grey elephant on a yellow background, and a multi-colored elephant print border. Backing is a soft “Minky” fabric and batting is 80/20 blend that is lightweight and warm. Machine washable You can own this for $99.00 + shipping.


Bunny quilts

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. This girly bunny baby quilt features a pink border with little rabbits, 80/20 batting, pink minky batting, and meandering quilting. Measuring 43″ X 54″ it is priced at $99.00 + shipping.

Jungle Monkey

Pink girl monkey crib quilt

Back in stock!!! This a 42″ X 53″ pink girly quilt features a monkey border, brown monkey center with pink  background all of 100% cotton fabrics, 80/20 batting, meander quilting, and pink minky backing. Priced at $99.00 + shipping.

The other frozen


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Right out of happy feet, this quilt measures 39″X 50.5″, features 100% cotton fabrics for the to, the quilting is meander, polyester batting, and a blue minky backing. (Minky is a microfiber fabric that is durable, washable, soft and plush)  Priced at $99.00 + shipping.

Lucky Ducky

Children's Duck Quilt

Measuring 41″ X 52″ this is a adorable duck with 100% cotton fabric top and backing (turquoise ducky flannel on the back).  The batting is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, giving warmth, lightness, and washability.  Wrap your baby in this cuteness,  priced at $79.00 + shipping.

Teddy Bear

Measuring 43″ X 54″ this is a cute bear with 100% cotton fabric top and backing (lblue flannel on the back).  The batting is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, giving warmth, lightness, and washability.  Wrap your baby in this cuteness,  priced at $79.00 + shipping.

Happy  Puppy with pink border

Pink puppy baby quilt with "minky" backing

Back in stock!!! Measuring 42″ X 54″ this is a cute, “girlie” puppy is 100% cotton fabric top with plush pink “minky” backing. The batting is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, giving warmth, lightness, and washability.  The border material is a pink dog print with hearts. Wrap your baby in this cuteness,  priced at $99.00 + shipping.


Happy Puppy with blue border

blue puppy quilt with minky backing

Back in stock!!! Measuring 42″ X 54″ this puppy is out boy’s version with blue background and border. The top is 100% cotton with the batting an 80/20 blend for warmth, lightness, and washability. The border features dogs with bones. This can come home to your new baby for $99.00 + shipping.

Kitty Cucumber

blue kitty cucumber baby quilt with minky backing
Measuring 43″ X 54″, this Kitty cucumber quilt features printed motifs and patchwork stars, loop and star quilting, 80/20 batting, and blue and brown striped minky backing. Priced at $99.00 + shipping.
blue kitty cucumber baby quilt with gold sashing and minky backing
Similar to the quilt above, this kitty cucumber quilt features gold sashing, 80/20 batting, loop and star quilt, and a light blue minky with embossed animals. Measuring 43″ X 54″, it is priced at $99.00 + shipping.
Pink Kitty Cucumber
pink kitty cucumber baby quilt with pink minky backing

Measuring 43″ X 54″ this pink, pink, pink baby quilt features loop and star quilting, 80/20 batting, and a solid pink minky backing. Priced at $99.00 + shipping.


Blue strip star

blue strip star baby quilt with minky batting

This quilt measures 42″ X 57″ and features a border with frogs, loop and star quilting, a poly batting, and multicolored minky backing. Priced at $99.00 + shipping.

blue strip star baby quilt with light blue minky backing

Measuring 44″ X 56″ this quilt has a 100% cotton top, and 80/20 batting for light warmth. The border is a series of racing flags, making this the perfect baby quilt or lap quilt for the family who loves auto racing.  The backing is a light blue minky. Priced at $99.00 + shipping.

Weaver Fever

IMG_1839 weaver fever pattern, bright animated ocean creatures, minky backing

Measuring 40″ X 50″ and is a perfect gift of love and warmth for that new born. This quilt features teals, peaches, yellows, and blues with a animated sea creature border and is dramatic wtihout being busy or too gender specific. One version of this quilt has a turquoise minky on the back and is quilted with playful fish perfect for a little boy. The other version is quilted with a rolling wave and has a coral minky backing that would be perfect for a little girl. Both are filled with Hobbs 80/20 batting. These quilts are priced at $99.00 each + shipping.

Pinwheel and star


Measuring 45″ X 57″ and feaaturing a flannel back with a chantilly lace quilting pattern, this is a wonderful crib quilt for that new baby girl. Priced at $89.00 + shipping.


Pastel Minnesota Hot Dish


Measuring 45″ X 54″ this quilt features softer pastel colors and is pretty gender neutral. Backed with flannel, it is crib sized. This quilt has a duplicate available for those who need to purchase for twins. Priced at $89.00 + shipping. Alphabet Minnesota Hot Dish


This crib size quilt measures 44″ X 53″ and features bright turquoise, yellow, and greens as well as an alphabet border. backed with turquoise flannel and bound with satin this quilt is priced at $89.00 + shipping.

Straight of Georgia/pink border


This baby quilt measuring 38″ X 50 ” has a flannel back featuring angel cats. It is quilted with a small rose pattern and has 80/20 batting. This would be a wonderful quilt for that new baby girl in the family or even a young child as a lap/drag around blanket. Priced at $69.00 + shipping.

Straight of Georgia


Measuring 38″ X 51″ this version of the Straight of Georgia quilt features batik materials with a multi colored border. This is a perfect quilt for babies with mothers who have contemporary tastes. Still a baby quilt, but not so “cutesy”. This has a flannel back, and is quilted with a varigated shell pattern. This quilt has a duplicate available. The duplicate features a different printed flanned on the back and a double loop quilting pattern. Perfect if you need to buy for twins. Priced at $69.00 + shipping.

Strait of Georgia

Picture 678 (Custom)

This 41″ X 54″  blue batik baby quilt features a frog border with a flannel backing in a frog print. Quilted with big fat frogs on lily pads and filled with a washable wool, this warm and cuddly quilt is priced at $69.00 + shipping.